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Classic Donkey Kong References Add Up

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Take a moment and let this new screenshot of Nintendo's upcoming Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii wash over you.  Of course it looks absolutely gorgeous and makes me want to play the game right now and not a moment sooner, but take a look in the background at the giant pixel Donkey Kong statue holding a Wii remote.  It's a fun nod to the character's arcade roots, but don't you think it looks familiar?  Can you recognize it but yet not place the reference?  Maybe if we replace the Wii remote with something less fun and more educational...


Oh, Retro Studios, you're so sneaky.  Hiding a reference to the pretty much forgotten edutainment title Donkey Kong Jr. Math for the Nintendo Entertainment System is a classy move.  I haven't been this charmed by such a reference since the Robotic Operating Buddy turned up as part of the track design in F-Zero GX