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Castlevania: Lords of ShadowI sat down to enjoy Konami's new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow last week and played for an entire evening before deciding to call it a night and go to sleep.  Then, the next night, I turned on my Sony PlayStation 3 and made a grim discovery: my save data had been corrupted and was irretrievable.  I was forced to delete it and start over from the beginning of the game.  The strange thing was that I couldn't figure out why it happened.  I hadn't turned off the PS3 in mid-save the night before, nor had I cut the power while the hard drive light was on.  I just marked it up to "these things happen" and started again, but now I hear that I'm not the only one having this particular problem.  In fact, it's such a regular occurance that Konami is readying a patch to fix it.  As seen on the Konami Twitter account:

Fear not, Vampire Killers. A patch for the PS3 save issue affecting Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is incoming. We’ll update on availability.

I'm glad to hear that Konami is fixing the problem, but now that I'm at the very end of Chapter 3, I believe I'll hold off on playing more until the patch is available.  I can stand to replay a night's work, but I'm not eager to repeat a week's worth of progress.  Note that the Microsoft Xbox 360 version of the game is apparently not impacted by this issue.  Still, this is the kind of serious problem that should have been caught and fixed before the game shipped.  Games are certainly much more complex to troubleshoot these days than in previous console generations, but when a game can't maintain the integrity of a save file, we have a reason and a responsibility to complain.  And what of those who cannot get the patch due to a lack of an Internet connection?  I'd hate to be a PS3-owning Castlevania player without PlayStation Network access right now.