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Weekly Poll: Regrets, I've Had A Few

Weekly Poll for 9-20-2010The results for last week's poll worked out about how I expected with the majority of us gaming mostly on home consoles followed by PCs and handheld systems.  Surprisingly (pleasantly so!) is that none of you do the majority of your gaming on mobile phones.  For all of the fuss we hear about apps and bite size games, it's good to see that most of that is just marketing bluster.  I've downloaded a few games for my new iPhone in the past week, but aside from a port of PopCap's Bookworm, I haven't seen anything I want to spend time or money to play (well... maybe Peggle).  Long live the home console!

Speaking of lackluster apps and pointless purchases, this week I want to ask you about those times when you've purchased a game and then immediately regretted it.  Have you ever been in the situation where you've bought a game, walked out of the store or signed off of a retail website, and wondered "Why did I buy that?  What was I thinking?" (bitter cold rain optional).  Do you still have the regretted purchase around as a reminder to choose more carefully next time?  Be it game, accessory, or console, if you've had this moment happen to you, I want to hear about it.