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Weekly Poll: Quite A Reach

Weekly Poll for 9-7-2010 There's plenty of interest in the revived Duke Nukem Forever.  I have to admit that I'm surprised at that.  Most people I've talked to about the game regard it as a mere curiosity and feel it's better left in a bygone age thanks to the franchise's history of immature humor and misogyny.  While I know it can't live up for more than a decade of hype (and the more objectionable elements will be toned down to secure a M-for-Mature rating from the ESRB), there has to be something worth exploring in the final product.  We'll all find out for sure next year.

Moving on to more current releases, Halo: Reach breaks atmo for the Microsoft Xbox 360 this week.  Are you planning on playing it?  If so, as a purchase or as a rental?  Or are you skipping this one altogether?  Let's hear about your plans.