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Weekly Poll: Duke Nukem Forever Or Never?

Weekly Poll for 8-30-2010Most of you out there buy full games as downloadable content followed by game-add ons, and that's really the way I purchase DLC as well.  From modern titles like Fat Princess to retro classics like Bonk's Revenge to new titles that look like retro classics such as Mega Man 10, I don't mind buying smaller games as DLC.  I go for add-ons to games that I especially enjoyed, but tend to balk at multiple pricey additions.  There seems to be an ever-changing upper bound on just how much DLC I'm willing to buy and it changes based on mood and how willing I am to take a chance on untested properties (e.g. Shank).  I have found that if I do get burned on expensive, non-fun DLC, then I'm less likely to take a chance on similar titles next time.  However, the more I like a downloadable game, the better I feel about springing for another one.  What can I say?  I follow my own personal trends.  Can't say I've ever bought virtual clothing or avatar materials.  Those have just never appealed to me.

Moving on, now that it's been announced that Gearbox Software is reviving industry vaporware joke Duke Nukem Forever for release next year, I'm curious as to how many of you are interested in it now that it seems to be an actual real impending game.  Is there any love for Duke Nukem after all these years?  Or was he better left in 1996 as a relic of a long gone age?  Let's hear your thoughts.