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There Goes The Cellular Neighborhood

iPhone 4 I've never been much of a cell phone guy.  I stuck with an ancient Ericsson phone that only handled phone calls until 2006, then switched to a snazzy little "Arc" flip phone with a tiny screen that could do text messaging and included a low resolution camera that the Nintendo DSi probably puts to shame today.  I held on to these pieces of antiquated technology because my cell phone needs were not that great, but lately my needs have changed, so on Saturday I stepped into the twenty-first century and made the leap to the Apple iPhone 4.  It's a brave new world for me to explore with access to the Internet in my pocket, iTunes madness (never had an iPod before), and the mountains and mountains of material in the App Store.  As I've done in the past whenever I've picked up some amazing new piece of technology, I'm asking all of you out there about the features and software that I absolutely need to try.  Recommend some apps, tell me about the little hidden capabilities of iOS 4, and give me some advice that you wish you'd been told when you first bought your iPhone.