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Play B3yond Awful Gaming Slogans

Play B3yond Video game marketing campaigns can be messy, messy things.  For every memorable slogan there are a heap of pitiful slogans gasping for air in a crowded marketplace.  Tim Turi of Game Informer has taken a look back at some of the most cringe-worthy, god-awful slogans ever to come forth from our favorite publishers.  The in-your-faceness is almost too much to take on some of these.

"Touching is good." - Nintendo DS We understand that communicating your product's key feature - in this case a touch screen - is important, but maybe a slogan that doesn't encourage molestation is preferred.

"It's thinking." - Sega Dreamcast Yes, it was probably thinking about how nobody purchased it.

"Play B3YOND." - PlayStation 3 How many headaches must be had before this number/letter swapping ends forever? How do you pronounce that? "Play buh-three-yond?" That's the sort of thing a stupid person says. The only thing worse are the associated commercials.

That last one is particularly annoying and is just another example of titles using a digit where a perfect good letter should go.  It's become a running gag on Power Button, in fact; we love to pick on the upcoming third installment of F.E.A.R. franchise — F.3.A.R. — by pronouncing it as Fuh-three-ear.  The way I see it, if studios are going to give their products stupid names, we all reserve the right to mercilessly mock them.  All's F.4.I.R. in love and marketing.  On the other side of the criticism coin, some of the items on Turi's list are actually OK with me.  I kinda like Microsoft's "Jump In" for its Xbox 360 branding, and Sega's old "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" is a snarky classic, while "Welcome To The Next Level" is certainly distinctive.