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More Information On Super Mario All-Stars Wii Re-Release

Super Mario Collection for Wii When it came to light recently that Nintendo was planning on re-releasing its classic Super Mario All-Stars compilation from the Super NES era for the Wii, fans of Super Mario everywhere clamored to know more.  Would there be any upgrades added to the set?  What about extra games?  Bonus materials?  Now more information has come to light on the game's still-only-in-Japan re-emergence, both good and bad.  The Official Nintendo Magazine and GamesRadar have news and screenshots, and from the look of things we can expect that this is the original 1993 Super Mario Collection (All-Stars's Japanese title) with no improvements or additions.  The inclusion of Super Mario World from later revisions of All-Stars is also not to be found here.  In more positive news, the package does come with a history book packed with unseen artwork and concept pieces plus a soundtrack CD celebrating Mario's more than two decades worth of adventures.

While I suppose it was a bit too optimistic to expect new extra material in what is honestly described as a nostalgic, budget release (¥2,500, after all), I'm still hoping that this release makes it to North America in some form.  Nintendo could sell a bunch of these discs, limited quantities or not.  If the rest of the world is to be denied this latest collection of Mario goodness, however, take heart.  Someone will scan the book for all of us to enjoy online, while the soundtrack is most likely echoing around in your brain right this very moment consider that most Mario music is part of our collective gaming DNA.  We couldn't shake this stuff even if we wanted to be rid of it.