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Metroid: Other M Massive Musical Moment

Ridley How are you enjoying Nintendo's new Wii title, Metroid: Other M?  And what about that soundtrack?  Granted that most of the tunes are of a subdued, ambiant nature, but there are times when the developers crank the awesomeness up to eleven and let loose with a new arrangement of a classic Metroid theme.  Consider the tune that plays when everyone's favorite Space Pirate, Ridley, shows up aboard the Bottle Ship (and you had to know he'd turn up somewhere), for instance.  It's a slight reworking of the Ridley theme from Super Metroid that gave me chills when I heard it fire up.  You can find recordings of it online, sure, but it's not often that you come across an extended, fifteen-minute cut.  If you're looking to re-enact your own battle against Ridley in your home or office today, here's your official theme music.