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Mega Man UniverseUPDATE: Different trailers with other playable characters added!

When Capcom announced Mega Man Universe for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 a while back, plenty of fans were confused as to just what the game would look like and how it would play.  Now the first gameplay trailer has been released and we get to see exactly what we can expect.  In short, it looks like a massive crossover mash-up of different Mega Man properties mixed with other Capcom franchises crafted in the style of the original Nintendo Entertainment System series using with modern visuals (I think it looks a little like Mega Man: Powered Up, actually).  Check out the trailer and you'll see design elements from Crash Man's stage in Mega Man 2 as well as the classic Metal Blade weapon.  Then, at the very end, there's a tease from the world of Street FighterMega Man Universe is slated for next year, and as much as I want to play it, I will be patient.  Capcom can take all the time it needs to nail this one.  If done right, Universe could make Mega Man 10 look like a mere warm-up act in comparison.