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Batman: Arkham City

While last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum had a lot going for it in almost every way, some Batman fans were disappointed that villains Two-Face and Catwoman were left out of the fun beyond a teasing mention here or there.  Relax, as they'll appear in the upcoming sequel, Arkham City, in a big way if these screenshots that GamesRadar dug up are any indication.  Two-Face looks especially gruesome here in ways that Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart could only dream about, while Catwoman... let's just say that I approve of Catwoman.  There are other screenshots of the game in action to see that feature plenty of Batman, Harley Quinn's new new look, plenty of Joker's clownish goons (including one poor sap whom Batman encounters in the middle of a vandalism spree), a look at the new Detective Mode, and a number of shots of Gotham City itself.  Batman: Arkham City is due out next year which, after seeing these images, feels oh so far away.