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Back to the Future Great Scott!  New information about the upcoming Back to the Future episodic game from Telltale Games has been revealed by USA Today, and the biggest and best part of that news is that Christopher Lloyd has been lured back to reprise the role of Doc Brown.  Players can also expect to see Marty McFly and the iconic DeLorean during the course of the adventure that spans 1985 Hill Valley and beyond.  Better yet, Future screenwriter Bob Gale is on board to provide guidance with the story.

As for the storyline, Telltale would confirm that the games would include an appearance of the DeLorean time machine and, the fictional California setting of Hill Valley. The time periods covered will include 1985 and additional characters from the movies will crop up in the game.

Lloyd's presence really adds an additional layer of legitimacy to the project, and I feel a lot better about the plot knowing that Gale has a hand in crafting it.  I'm still waiting on news that the required Huey Lewis & the News quotient has been met and I'd love to see Michael J. Fox back to provide the voice of Marty McFly if he's up to it, but so far I love when I'm hearing about this series.  I have a feeling that Telltale's Back to the Future is going to take a lot of people by surprise.  Heavy, isn't it? 

(via Joystiq)