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Weekly Poll: See You Next Mission!

Weekly Poll for 8-16-2010 Opinions are mixed when it comes to the rumored Sony PlayStation Portable that's also a phone, but the majority are disinterested.  To be honest, I'm surprised that the vote was this close.  Like many of you, I need more information before I decide if this is something I'd want to buy into, but considering the rumors of another model of new PSP that sports touchscreen buttons, I'm wondering if this phone PSP is a half-hearted attempt or branding afterthought as opposed to a real honest-to-goodness PSP2.  Like the PSP Go, this could just be another hardware experiment.  Time will tell, I suppose.

Moving on to a product that definitely does exist, Nintendo's new Metroid: Other M is just a week away now in North America with other regions following a mere week after that.  Are you planning to play it?  If so, as a purchase or as a rental?  Let's hear your thoughts.