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Weekly Poll: Retailer Preorder Bonus Incentive Overload

Weekly Poll for 8-09-2010Most of you — myself included — follow the Good path in video games that include a morality branching system.  I find that it can be more fun and generally easier to follow the call to Evil, but I feel guilty when I do, as strange as that sounds.  I like when townsfolk cheer at me as I walk by.  As twistedly fun as it can be to gun down random passerby in Red Dead Redemption, I hate seeing that big red HONOR -50 text pop up at the bottom of the screen along with a shrinking Honor meter.  I'm so conditioned by years of playing games to want higher scores and larger status meters that I hate to do anything that goes against that ingrained directive.  So I play the role that my instincts would have me play.

Moving on, if you have any interest in getting in on the upcoming multiplayer beta for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, then you'd better get down to your local GameStop right away to preorder the game and snag an entry code.  The only way to get in on the action is to reserve the game from everyone's favorite used game brick-and-mortar retailer.  Also, you'll get a download code for an exclusive playable character.  Basically, if you don't preorder from GameStop, you won't enjoy everything that Brotherhood has to offer.  Of course, other retailers offer different preorder bonuses, so unless you want to drop money all over town, it's impossible to get absolutely everything intended for the game.  Do these kinds of bonuses impact where you preorder a game?  Or has it become such a convoluted mess of an ordeal that you've stopped caring?  Let's hear your thoughts.