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Weekly Poll: DLC For You And Me

Weekly Poll for 8-23-2010 Nintendo's new Metroid: Other M is quite popular among the purchasing crowd, although a surprisingly large number of you out there aren't planning to play the game at all.  I know the reviews have been mixed (I haven't read any detailed takes on the game since I'm still slated to write the review for Kombo if my copy ever arrives; there was a shipping mix-up on Nintendo's part), but I'm still cautiously optimistic and open-minded.  The series has been reinvented before and it's survived.  I'm sure that history will repeat.

Changing gears, let's talk about downloadable content.  Purchasing new material through the Internet directly to your game console or computer has taken off like wild fire this generation, be it through Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace, Sony's PlayStation Store, or Valve's Steam.  What sort of downloadable content do you buy the most (if at all)?  Full games?  Add-on content?  Avatars or virtual clothing or some sort?  Let's hear about your habits.