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Samus AranAre you confused on just how the upcoming Wii release from Nintendo, Metroid: Other M, ties into the Metroid timeline?  It can be a bit complicated at this point considering that few of the games were released in chronological order.  One of my co-worker pals asks me to review Samus Aran's story for him at least once a month, and by now I'm getting a little tired of telling it all over again. Can't someone else handle narration duties for a while? From now on I can just direct him (and all of you) to this new video autobiography produced by Nintendo in preparation of the new release in which the important events of Metroid, Metroid II: Return of Samus, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Other M are explained by Samus herself in proper sequence.  Kombo has a little extra analysis on the matter if you hunger for more.  Be warned that there are awesome spoilers for the new game towards the end of the show.

While I love the idea of the official backstory being narrated by the character involved, it's a shame that the events of the Metroid Prime sub-series and Metroid Fusion were left out of the recap.  It's understandable why they were excluded, of course.  Those games do not set up the Other M plot, so it would just be confusing to lump them in as irrelevant material.  Which do you think is easier to explain: the fairly straight-forward events of three games or the convoluted events of eight games?