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Super Mario Advance 4The Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario Bros. 3 contained more than just Mario's greatest Nintendo Entertainment System adventure given a fresh coat of paint one more time.  Super Mario Advance 4 included lots of features and gimmicks meant to make use of Nintendo's then-new peripheral, the e-reader.  Unfortunately, since unlocking these new features required two Game Boy Advance units, the e-reader itself, and the proper connector cables, hardly anyone experienced the full special World-e collection of levels in all their handheld glory.  What did we miss?  Only a retrospective of Mario's massive career up to that point in history.  World-e added all kinds of classic enemies, items, and obstacles from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island to the Super Mario Bros. 3 experience.  Pickable vegetables, Rip Van Fish, diggable dirt, fire bars, Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Bros., POW blocks, keys that open locked doors, Hoopster, and the Cape Feather were all included in fun, nostalgic ways.  Want proof?  Check out this video from CopyRIGHThunter to see everything listed here and more in action.

It's a shame that more of us weren't able to access and enjoy these extra features and levels.  Hey Nintendo!  How about reworking all of this for a proper WiiWare or 3DSiWare release?  I know you can convince us all to buy Super Mario Bros. 3 one more time.

(via The Bow On Birdo)