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Power Button's Matt And Brad Appear On The Kombo Video Game News Team 5 Podcast

KomboBrad Hilderbrand and I aren't content to only be a part of the Power Button podcast.  We've set out sights on taking over every gaming podcast starting with a guest shot on Kombo's new in-house podcast, Kombo Video Game News Team 5.  Brad and I turn up on this week's Episode 2 along with show mainstays Jeff Grubb and Pete Davison in which we discuss games we've played recently such as Shank, Mafia II, Top Gun, and Tales Of Monkey Island.  Then we set our sights on the news stories of the last week such as a lack of multiplayer for BioShock Infinite, the used game debate and charging extra for games that offer a 3D options.  A third segment details examples of gamers helping other gamers, but we're not involved with that.  You'll find the show over at Kombo.  Check it out.