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Mega Man Online Animated Trailer Is Surprisingly Dark, Amazing

While you may never have the opportunity to play the upcoming Mega Man Online, at least you can marvel at its animated teaser trailer.  From the look of things, Dr. Wily's attack on the city led by the Robot Masters and Yellow Devil from the first Mega Man game is met by Mega Man and Proto Man (who also trade shots with one another), although somehow the Repliforce from the Mega Man X series factors into the equation somewhere, and of course Bass is lurking around as well.  Roll even makes a brief appearance, as does Dr. Light.  The music is a remixed medley of tunes from classic Mega Man games, so don't be surprised if it sounds a bit familiar in places.  I've never really thought of the original Mega Man series as being dark and gritty, but having seen this animation, I don't think I'd be opposed to exploring that notion further.