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"Liars And Cheats" Red Dead Redemption DLC Detailed

Red Dead Redemption Leave it to Rockstar to find a way to keep fans of Red Dead Redemption coming back to the game time after time with new things to do in the game's online multiplayer mode.  The next round of downloadable content, the Liars And Cheats Pack, has been outlined and detailed by the company, and as it turns out, we're actually getting two DLC packs in one with this $10 release.

We are excited to bring you our next packs, starting with the September 21st 2010 debut of our Free Roam release: the Liars and Cheats Pack, which focuses on expanding the Free Roam multiplayer experience as well as adding new modes to Competitive Multiplayer.

The Liars and Cheats Pack will contain a great range of new highly-requested features to expand the Free Roam world including Multiplayer Poker and Liar’s Dice, as well as a brand new Competitive Multiplayer gameplay mode.  The Liars and Cheats Pack will also include the content
previously announced as the Free Roam Pack.  The Free Roam Pack was originally planned as a free download, but due to the platform networks’ restrictions on numbers of free packs we can give away (and our promise to bring you the free Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack), we have instead added it to the Liars and Cheats Pack as one Free Roam release boasting the following features and more:

  • Multiplayer Poker and Liars' Dice Games
    One of the most fan-requested features comes to multiplayer.
  • Multiplayer Horse Races
    Ride out against your friends and foes online - with mounted combat guns blazing.
  • The Explosive Rifle
    A devastatingly destructive new weapon with its own new single-player and multiplayer challenges.
  • 7 New Gang Hideouts
    Posse up and take on the new Hideouts together to level up quickly.
  • 4 New Hunting Grounds
    New Hunting Grounds are now visible on the map for all to see, with some of the most action-packed wildlife hunting yet.
  • Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode
    Teams take turns in attack and defense in multi-tiered Competitive games.
  • Posse Scoring and Leaderboards
    Compare stats with other posses and compete to see who are the kings of the Free Roam frontier.
  • Plus, 15 additional multiplayer characters from the Red Dead Redemption storyline are being made available as multiplayer characters, and more all-new Achievements and Trophies.

Once again, SOLD!  I'm especially looking forward to the new gang hideouts.  Clearing out the scoundrels from places like Tumbleweed and Nosalida are my favorite part of the game's Free Roam multiplayer mode (and they're an excellent source of XP!).  So much so, in fact, that I've barely bothered with the multiplayer's more competitive offerings.  The new rifle will be fun to try, too, just as the recently added tomahawk was a fun diversion.  September 21 can't come soon enough.  Looking ahead, there's also plans for new single-player DLC in which John Marston takes on the zombie horde for some reason.  I'm starting to feel burned out on zombies, but I'll take new solitary gameplay any way I can get it.