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Scott Pilgrim Vs The Matrix

GLaDOS, Please Take A Message

Aperture ScienceWe're all searching for the next great video game-related cell phone ringtone.  From Final Fantasy victory themes to Legend of Zelda treasure chest jingles to an old fashioned Super Mario Bros. overworld theme snippet, we all want just the right sound to greet us when an incoming call happens.  What if we're headed in the wrong direction though?  What if a voice announcing a call is better?  And what if that voice belonged to Portal's GLaDOS?  Based on sound clips uploaded by someone going by the name of "beams" I found while traveling online, I think it would go a little something like this:

What, you still say that you want a musical clip of some sort? I can help with that too. Here's a singing GLaDOS imploring you to pick up the phone for the people who are still alive.