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Fun With Arranged Music: Zangief Is The Vacuum Man

ZangiefA while ago I acquired an absolute ton of arranged video game music.  Months later I'm still listening to it and exploring what the collection has to offer, and there are some fantastic compositions and creations that are too good for me not to share with all of you out there.  Each day this week we'll explore a track and marvel in its overwhelming wonderfulness.  Today's selection comes from the Japanese 1993 Capcom album Nesshou!! Street Fighter II Instrumental Version.  Zangief's original Street Fighter II theme serves as the core of the hilariously translated "Terror! Vacuum Man!".  The title seems totally nonsensical at first, but if you recall that Zangief's nickname is The Red Cyclone, it suddenly makes a little more sense if you link "vacuum" with "cyclone".  Not much, mind you, but a little.  So here's "Terror! Vacuum Man!" with its driving beat, "Ooh!" & "Hah!" interjections, and flute interlude.  Let's go! 

Fun With Arranged Music