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Fun With Arranged Music: Gotta Be Quick, Man

Quick Man I hate to conjure up sour memories of force beams and super-speedy Robot Masters, but today's fun with arranged music involves Quick Man's stage from Capcom's Mega Man 2. This techno arrangement of the stage belonging to the Robot Master we all loved to hate back in Nintendo Entertainment System days isn't usually the kind of music I enjoy (too many endlessly looping drums in most techno tunes for my tastes), but considering that the original 8-bit theme was done in as close to a techno style as was technologically possible, this arrangement from the 2007 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Techno Arrange Ver. album is a nice fit with its pounding beat and background shouts. Just don't forget to recharge your Time Stopper before proceeding!

Fun With Arranged Music