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Co-Host Still Wanted For New PTB Video Project

Press The ButtonsDo you love to play video games?  Do you follow the video game industry's news and happenings on a regular basis?  Can you discuss these happenings in short segments?  Do you live in or around Orlando, FL?  These are all important questions because I'm working with a new Orlando-based Internet television network called IzonOrlando to create a video show based on the Press The Buttons brand to feature video game news, reviews, discussion, and other related segments.  I can't do it alone though!  We'll be filming a pilot episode in a few weeks and we're looking for a co-host to be part of the action to discuss gaming news and current events.  Interested?  E-mail your name, age, and the answers to the questionnaire below ASAP along with any samples of past on-camera work you may have (not required, but helpful) and anything else you think we ought to know.  This is a repeat from last month, but we're gearing up for another pass at auditions, so I thought I'd cast the net out there again. Those who applied during last month's submission window do not need to apply again. Approved applicants will be invited to a screen test set for September 4, 2010, and the pilot is slotted to shoot sometime thereafter.  Obviously you'd need to be available for the screen test and the pilot shoot to be eligible, meaning it's best that you live in the general Orlando area and have some free time on those days if you are selected.  While participation in the pilot is unpaid, if the show finds sponsorship and becomes a weekly series (a 1-2 hour per week time commitment), there will be payment involved.  This is all still in the development stage and we're still lining things up, but it's an exciting opportunity and I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together.

The aforementioned questionnaire follows:

1) How long have you been gaming?

2) Do you read daily gaming news?  If so, where?

3) How would you describe your sense of humor? What are the sorts of things you find particularly hilarious?

4) Which current gen consoles/handhelds do you own? Which do you find yourself playing most regularly?

5) Are there any particular genres that you really enjoy? What sort of games do you gravitate towards?

6) What do you feel is the most important game released in the past ten years? Why?

7) What are your thoughts on violence, sexual content, and other "mature" themes in modern video games?  Are they harmless or hurtful?

8) Mario or Sonic?  Samus Aran or Master Chief?  Dr. Wily or Dr. Nefarious?

Good luck and we'll see you on the air!