Power Button - Episode 13: E3 Madness!
PlayStation Store Phishing Attempt Is Woefully Pathetic

Weekly Poll: Pieces And Parts

Weekly Poll for 6-28-2010What, you all don't want to give Sony more of your money?  Kidding aside, I know that the company wants a piece of the Microsoft Xbox Live "money for online" pie, but there have been mixed feelings on whether or not the extra expense is worth it.  I decided that I could risk $3.33 a month for the next fifteen months, so I subscribed to PlayStation Plus last week and have been exploring what the extra fee offers in benefits.  Watch for a mini-review on that soon. 

Moving on, I have an analytical question for you this week.  Video game journalism has become divided into a few key types of articles.  You have your general news, your biting editorials, the traditional previews & reviews, interviews with industry folk, and the ubiquitous and traffic-boosting top ten lists.  Which of these kinds of article are your favorites?  Let's hear your thoughts.