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Weekly Poll: Gaming Music Roadshow

Weekly Poll for 7-6-2010Thanks for your input on last week's poll topic.  I'll be using the results to help shape a new upcoming project that I'm in the process of developing.  I'd assumed that news, reviews, and editorials would be the most popular, but it's always nice to know for sure.  As for me, I tend to focus on news and editorials when I make my daily web rounds.  I don't read reviews for games that I intend to review myself, but I will check in on what trusted counterparts think about niche titles.  Interviews only interest me for games that I care about.  I'm actually surprised that top ten lists didn't score higher, as every publication runs them on a regular basis.  They tend to do amazingly well when it comes to increasing readership and traffic counts even if they can be the empty calories of the industry.  Hmm, maybe I should write more of those...

Moving on, it should come as no surprise how much I love listening to both original game soundtracks and specialized arrangements and remixes created by talented folks, but I'm curious how all of you out there feel about these sorts of things.  Do you listen to game music for your own enjoyment?  Do you raid the OverClocked Remix library on a regular basis?  Have you imported soundtrack CDs from Japan?  Do you browse iTunes and the music store to pick out your favorite tracks?  Or are you content to leave the beeps and bleeps on your console?  Let's hear your thoughts.