Street Fighter And Tekken Cross Paths (Also, Street Fighter III Returns!)
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Weekly Poll: Clash Of The Titans

Weekly Poll for 7-19-2010I included as many Capcom properties as I could in last week's poll regarding which franchises should cross paths with the upcoming Mega Man UniverseBionic Commando takes the top honors (as it should!), and I know I'd certainly like to see Nathan Spencer snagging Prop-Tops with his bionic arm and ripping them out of the sky.  Okami clocks in at the second position which surprised me.  For a game that didn't sell well, it has its loyal fans (again, as it should!).  Then we hit on Darkstalkers, another seemingly forgotten franchise that has plenty of fond memories attached to it.  Perhaps Felicia and Okami's Amaterasu can pull off a cat and dog team-up of some sort.  I was really surprised to see both Strider and Resident Evil score so comparatively poorly though.  After all, lots of people still love Strider and want to see a modernized sequel, while Resident Evil is one of Capcom's major moneymakers these days with a large fan base and plenty of big-budget titles under its banner.   I'd also expect a Dead Rising preference since that's one of the company's rising star franchises and has already included a number of Mega Man references in its games.  Time will tell just what makes it into Mega Man Universe.  Heck, time will tell just what Mega Man Universe actually is supposed to be.  Aside from the teaser and some vague comments from Capcom's Keiji Inafune, we really don't know quite what to expect.

Speaking of major franchise crossovers, Capcom and Namco are teaming up to produce Street Fighter and Tekken mash-ups with Capcom producing Street Fighter X Tekken and Namco working on Tekken X Street Fighter.  Capcom's creation is based on Street Fighter IV and occupies a 2D plane, while the Namco title is a 3D fighter like its native Tekken.  Which of the two titles has your attention the most?  Or do neither of them matter to you?  Let's hear your thoughts.