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Virtual Boy Mega Man

Had Nintendo's Virtual Boy lasted longer in the marketplace than a scant seven months, chances are we could have seen more familiar franchises gracing the red and the black besides Wario LandOver at PixelJoint, digital artists have come up with mock-ups of Virtual Boy games that never were in celebration of the 3D console's fifteenth anniversary.  Some of the creations are a little too optimistic considering the system's technical capabilities (no way would a Metroid Prime game look like anything we knew from the GameCube era), the proposed Mega Man and Secret of Monkey Island screenshots look dead-on to me.  There's also some hypothetical Mario Kart, Star Fox, and Castlevania mixed in with a bit of original material not based on existing franchises.  I really wish some of these games had been real (even if few of them try to use the system's layered 3D effects).  Alas, it was just not meant to be.

(via Tiny Cartridge)