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Sony Wants Your PlayStation Plus Ideas

Playstation PlusIn an effort to make its new PlayStation Plus premium service more attractive, Sony's European arm is turning to its customers for ideas.  The company is taking suggestions for games to give away as freebies to paying subscribers, and apparently everything in the PSN Games, PSOne Classics, and PSP minis catalogs are on the table.  Kombo has the details.

Sony has promised to collect all the suggestions and allow users to vote on the most popular options. At this point, what happens from there remains a mystery.  So far the response on Sony's blog has been overwhelming, with 18 pages of comments and suggestions and counting. If this idea doesn't come to fruition then it definitely won't be for lack of community feedback.

One thing we don't know yet is whether this program is going to be exclusive to the European version of PS Plus or if it'll be worldwide. Obviously we're hoping for the latter, as it would be a shame for the service to continue to flounder in America even as European PS3 owners get access to tons of great content. At any rate, it seems that PS Plus might turn out to be a worthwhile service after all.

We discussed whether or not PlayStation Plus is a good value on the most recent episode of Power Button, as you'll recall.  While I'm a happy subscriber, my podcast cohorts are not interested.  Maybe adding more titles to the garden of options would sway them.  As for me, I'd basically like to see any game that I don't already own on the service.  Exposure to new titles for little investment is part of the reason I signed up for PS Plus in the first place.  If the next freebies are Fat Princess and Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty, then I'll have nothing to justify my subscription for the month.