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PlayStation Store Phishing Attempt Is Woefully Pathetic

PSN phishing attempt

If you've been on the Internet for more than a day then you've surely received phishing attempts in your e-mail box.  For those of us just joining the online fun, these are e-mails sent from a scammer that purport to be from an actual authority of some sort, but are actually meant to try to convince you to give up your user name and password for [insert online service of your choice here].  Sony's PlayStation Network isn't immune to these kinds of scams, but as this photo that is making the rounds proves, phishers are just as inept on PSN as they are in other online places.  Note the use of all capital letters, poor grammar, and subpar spelling.  Well done, indeed.  Please don't fall for this.  I know my regular audience is smart enough to spot this fake, but don't forget to remind your less technically-aware friends and family that these threats (as pathetic as they may be) are out there and are to be ignored or reported.