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One Of These Legends Is Not Like The Others - Shop by video game legend

When you think of Nintendo's video gaming legends, which characters immediately spring to mind?  Mario, certainly.  Donkey Kong, surely,  Link and Kirby?  Of course.  Pikachu and the other Pokémon?  Definitely.  Professor Layton?  Whoa, not so fast. has a new organizational method that allows shoppers to browse by gaming legend, and somehow the professor has made the cut along with Nintendo's most recognizable characters.  How'd that happen?  Why Layton and not Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, or even Captain Falcon?  Short answer: Professor Layton has a series of games being heavily pushed by Nintendo and its retail partners right now, whereas the others are benched for the moment.  Apparently all it takes to become a video game legend in the retail world is to be able to affirmatively answer the question "What have you done for us lately?"