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Lost In Localization


IS-NITRO-CAPTUREEver wonder how direct-feed screenshots and video of Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance titles make their way to magazines and the Internet?  The magic happens thanks to a little piece of $3,000 hardware made by Intelligent Systems called the IS-NITRO-CAPTURE that outputs DS signals to either two standard televisions or one widescreen television turned on its side.  Now that you know about it, are you wondering how it works?  For the answer you'd best check out this sleepily-voiced explanation courtesy of ASSEMblerEX.  It's interesting stuff to be sure, but, dude, wake up!

I've played DS games on these units at E3s over the years.  They work very well and allow me to focus on a large, vivid television (or pair of televisions) without having to squint at tiny screens in oddly-lit areas.  I end up concentrating more on the early version of the game I'm playing and not the hardware setup which, in the end, benefits both the publisher and myself.  As Tiny Cartridge notes, this model of the device is obsolete thanks to the Nintendo DSi's existence, and even that is about to be drummed out by the Nintendo 3DS.  Progress marches on.