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Defend Saturn Valley With EarthBound Tower Defense

EarthBound Tower Defense

The Starmen are massing and only you can defeat them!  A new tower defense game created by XX Stone will be of interest to fans of Nintendo's neglected EarthBound franchise as it uses a familiar cast of critters such as Mr. Saturn, Foppies, and the Tendas in full defense mode as they defend various locations around Eagleland from hordes of Starmen, Super Starmen, Ghosts of Starmen, and other Giygas-related monsters. The basic design is pretty clever, as Mr. Saturn can shoot energy beams at the invaders, the Tendas toss spikes, the Foppies fire like a cannon, and so forth.  Every character/weapon is upgradable, and from time to time the Kraken swims by at the edge of the playfield, offering a bonus to those who are quick enough to click on him.  It's a free download for PC, offers three levels of difficulty, and will undoubtedly consume some of your free time.

(via EarthBound Central)