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Cheating In The Name Of Efficiency

Action Replay DS The Action Replay cheat device brand for game consoles goes all the way back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System era, but crafty players have found that the peripheral can be used for more than just granting unlimited lives or extra ammunition.  Dragon Quest IX fans have found little ways to tweak the Nintendo DS experience in order to make the game more efficient.  Nadia Oxford over at About.com's DS site has the summary.

Dragon Quest IX is a remarkable game, but no game is perfect. I am, for instance, a little miffed that the game's text speed is not nearly as adjustable as it's been in past installments of Dragon Quest. But there's an Action Replay code that actually allows character text to pop up instantly in its box. No scrolling.  There's also a code that eliminates slowdown in town environments by "putting away" your train of party members. Only the main character is shown running around, which makes travel a bit faster.  There's even a code that allows for full 360 degree rotation in towns with the L and R button, but apparently the environments don't show up very well. Still, the idea is intriguing.

How about that?  Action Replays and their kin have a legitimate and beneficial use after all.  And here I've been using them to cheat my way around and generally break older games to see what secrets might be hidden away inside them.