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An Hour With Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M Nintendo's upcoming Team Ninja collaboration for the Wii, Metroid: Other M, won't be in stores for another month, but that didn't stop Kombo (and Power Button) personality Joey Davidson from hopping a train to New York City to spend an hour playing a near-final version of the game at Nintendo's swanky media day.  Joey has actively avoided just about all Other M information so as not to be spoiled, so he was a bit blown away by some of what he saw that the rest of us have taken for granted by now, but that just gives his hands-on preview over at Kombo even more enthusiasm.  Hey, you wanna know what the enigmatic "Other M" title is all about?

We chatted with JC Rodrigo of Nintendo of America about the plot line of the title. He wouldn't dive too deep into the story, but he did point towards the title of the game itself as a fantastic source for inference. Metroid: Other M. Flip "Other and M" around and read "Mother." Enjoy that bomb of knowledge.

Mother?  As in, Mother Brain?  Or heroine Samus Aran's mother?  Or someone else's mother?  Maybe it's a metaphorical mother of some sort.  Ooh, now I want to know the true meaning more than ever.  I'm slated to review the game for Kombo in a few weeks, so when I find out, I'll be sure to send for the rest of you.