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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Don't worry about the upcoming version of Super Street Fighter IV for the Nintendo 3DS being dumbed-down or otherwise censored in order to protect the poor little children.  Producer Yoshinori Ono spoke to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently to discuss just how much of the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 game would make the transition to handheld 3D, why the development team chose the 3DS for the game's handheld console debut, and just how the system's 3D capabilities will be put to non-gratuitous use.  Of special interest, however, is this quote regarding how the game will not be changed to appeal to a young demographic or satisfy that demographic's picky parents:

Ono also took a firm stance on one additional point: they won't be tailoring the game for kids. This was said in response to Famitsu's question on the possibility of child-oriented elements being added to the game in light of it being on Nintendo hardware. "Rather than that," said Ono," we'd like to make it into a title that makes kids grow."

In this era of overprotective parenting and the thought that media should be gutted and hidden away under the "won't somebody please think of the children!" banner, it's such a relief to see a producer taking the stand that a game such as Street Fighter can help a child positively develop.  Kids have to learn about Hadoukens and Turkish oil wrestling sooner or later.  Why not encourage it in an environment with quality production values and reflex-enhancing fun?  Stick to your guns, Mr. Ono.  The industry and the audience will be better for it.

(via Capcom Unity)