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Who Are These Obscure Mushroom People?

Obscuremariocharacters You know your Mario and your Luigi, sure, and you even know lesser Mushroom Kingdom characters like Pokey and Chargin' Chuck, but can you tell a Wanda from a Foreman Spike from a Tatanga?  The latest imagery over at The Bow on Birdo (previously mentioned here a few weeks ago) is a collage of obscure characters from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and its related franchises such as Donkey Kong and Wario Land.  Can you identify all of the seldom-seen individuals depicted?  I'll start you off with a little help: the monochromatic pirate gal in the lower left is none other than Captain Syrup herself.  That pinkish Donkey Kong Jr. is not actually Donkey Kong Jr.  The two mermaids are not the same character.  Princess Peach is not appearing here as a princess.  There's something special about that red Snifit that makes him stand out from the other Snifits.  The chicken is Wario's pet.  The king character is so obscure that he doesn't even appear in the game in which he's meant to be.  Is that enough for you?  Good luck on IDing the rest!  You'll find the answers at Back of the Cereal Box.