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Saints Row After a few months of teasing and dropping hints that Saints Row 3 would be revealed at E3 this year, THQ decided to keep the next chapter in the series under wraps for a while longer.  So what happened? did some digging and discovered that the company is planning a massive transmedia synergistic blowout for the Saints Row franchise, and apparently holding the game back until the Spike TV Awards in December is part of that plan.

Speaking at an E3 analyst meeting last night, THQ core games VP, Danny Bilson revealed that the company's set to show Saints Row 3 for the firs time at the Spike TV awards in December.  He said: "I'm not going to show it to you today. This is the only room we're talking about Saints Row 3. We're not showing it on the floor because the rollout starts in December on Saints Row 3.  We've spent an extra year rebuilding the technology for this game. It is absolutely gorgeous and still completely insane."

Bilson went on to reveal "the most robust transmedia play on any game ever done," including plans to release a
Saints Row movie.  "We're also going to have a collectible card game, we're going to have books, we're going to have mechandise - we're going to build this thing out into the biggest transmedia blowout ever seen," he said at the meeting.  "Most of these deals are already in place. I believe we're going to announce this at the Spike awards in December.

I hope that attempting to become a major franchise spanning a variety of media doesn't kill the soul of Saints Row.  I know that it's just a silly Grand Theft Auto competitor that goes way over the top in comical ways, but I had more fun playing Saints Row 2 than I did GTA IV, and the latter was supposed to be the better game.  Moreover, I— wait a minute!  They're planning a Saints Row collectible card game?  I can't wait to see what the sewage-spewing truck card does during play.