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Weekly Poll: The Perils Of PlayStation Plus

Weekly Poll for 6-22-2010 Consensus is that Nintendo won E3 2010, and as I said last week, it's not surprising considering that the company not only unveiled the 3DS, but also franchise favorites like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby's Epic Yarn, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and other promising titles.

Looking ahead, Sony is about to launch its PlayStation Plus premium online service.  I haven't mentioned here before, but in summary, this is the $50/year service for the PlayStation Network that adds perks such as automatic updates, free downloadable games, discounted downloadable content, free Qore, and other such things to one's PlayStation 3 experience.  It launches this week, so my question to you is: are you interested in PlayStation Plus?  Will you spend $50 to try it out?  Or is this just another shameless cash-grab?  Let's hear your thoughts.