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Weekly Poll: A Second Helping For Three

Weekly Poll for 5-24-2010Those of you skipping out on Super Mario Galaxy 2 really need to reevaluate your priorities.  It's the best Wii game to come along in years and one of the few games that I've ever scored as a perfect 10/10.  I'm up to 118 Power Stars now, although the last two are so darn difficult.  There's a boss rush speed run that I can just barely finish (I actually made the star appear just as the clock hit zero - "Too Bad!" the game says; it might as well just say "@#$& You!" at that point) and a revisit of a certain purple coin level from the first Galaxy with the frustrating addition of the cosmic clones.  I will finish this though!  And then move on to the next challenge the game has to offer...

Speaking of best games in a generation, word has it that Sony is considering giving the God of War Collection PlayStation 3 upgrade treatment to other favorite PlayStation 2 titles such as Ratchet & Clank and Grand Theft Auto.  Would you be interested in such a thing?  Or would you prefer that Sony spend its resources on completely new titles?  Let's hear your thoughts.