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Princess Peach's Drinking Problem And Other Mario Kart Localization Changes

Peach drinksRepeated kidnappings by a spiked turtle despot have to break away at a girl's psyche after a while.  Consider the sad tale of Mushroom Kingdom monarch Princess Peach as seen in the Japanese version of Nintendo's Super Mario Kart for the Super NES.  When winning first place in a cup series, the princess guzzles champagne by the gulp, and thanks to the cyclical nature of video game sprites, she never stops drinking.  It's the Tethercat Principle all over again (as described by TV Tropes):

Gary Larson used to draw a cartoon called The Far Side. One of his most controversial cartoons was one he titled "Tethercat": Two dogs are playing tetherball with a rather stunned-looking cat. In his compilation/bookThe Prehistory Of The Far Side: A 10th Anniversary Exhibit, Larson mentioned why he thought some people REALLY hated this one panel — the two dogs never, ever stop playing tethercat. You see the cartoon, they're playing; you turn back to this one a few pages later, they're still playing; set the book down and come back tomorrow, they're still playing...

The Tethercat Principle is that, if there are no strong indications otherwise, viewers can never really be sure that a character ever stops doing the last thing they were seen doing. Ignorable, except when what the character was doing was memorable, noteworthy, or disturbing.

Peach's addiction was one of the elements in Super Mario Kart that had to go when the game left Japan, and now Mario fan site The Mushroom Kingdom has a visual tour of everything that needed to be changed for both Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64.  Certain track names needed a tweak, a few character voices were reworked, and some parody advertising was removed, but who could have guessed that the princess's bottomless bottle of champagne would be the most shocking removed element?

(I looped the drinking animation only five times for example's sake.  In the actual game, it goes on forever and isn't nearly as visually distracting.)