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Hulu PlusIf you've been clamoring for the day you can pay $10 to Hulu each month in order to access the back catalog of many of the most popular television shows on the service, then your wait is almost over as Hulu Plus has been announced for (among other things) the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Apple's trio of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.  PS3 access is coming soon, while X360 owners will have to wait until next year.  It's not a bad deal if you don't already subscribe to some sort of non-cable-TV programming service (alright, Netflix, time to step it up), but do you know what would really sweeten the offering for console owners?  Roll that $10 subscription fee (or at least part of it) into the benefits offered by subscribing to Sony PlayStation Plus or Microsoft Xbox Live.  Surely both Sony and Microsoft could work a deal that brought Hulu Plus into their respective folds while still making money for everyone involved and adding value to the services in question.  Think it over, Powers That Be.

On a more personal note, allow me to gripe that the new Samsung Internet-connected HDTV that I just bought in March could theoretically join the Hulu Plus fun as well if not for the fact that Samsung decided no longer to support 2009 models of televisions when it comes to adding new services.  What's the point of online updatable firmware if they quit releasing new firmware so soon?