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Online Mega Man RPG In The Works, But You Can't Play It

Mega Man X and Zero There's a new Mega Man game coming, but you probably won't have the opportunity to play it.  Revealed as exclusive to South Korea, Rockman Online brings the Mega Man X division of the blue bomber franchise into the online landscape as a 2D action RPG with 3D character models.  If it does well in South Korea, then Taiwan and China will get a crack at it.  Beyond that there are no plans to bring the game elsewhere.  Japan?  Unlikely.  North America?  Not happening.  Europe and Australia?  Not even on the road map.  The Mega Man Network has the details.

A new batch of info and images pertaining to the Korean game Rockman Online is released today. Most notable of all is that the game is more definitively using the Rockman X series, and so far stars Rockman X and Zero. However, there will be other NPCs. The game will employ 3D graphics but maintain a 2D perspective, much like Mega Man X8 did. The game is being described as an side-scrolling action-RPG, and is meant to feel like the original games. NeoWiz plans to releases screenshots of the game soon, which will also introduce more characters.

We may not be able to play the game, but at least we can enjoy new artwork of Mega Man X and Zero standing around (and is it just me, or do they share a face in this incarnation?).  Considering that I'm not a MMORPG fan, it's no great loss to me that this game is remaining abroad, but I bet there are domestic fans that would love to get a crack at it.  Still, hey, new artwork.  There has to be something fresh for the next volume of the Mega Man X: Official Complete Works art book.