A Visit To City Of The Daleks
BP Opens Mushroom Kingdom Pipeline

King Koopa Of The Hill

Brawl In The Family

The Brawl in the Family web comic is skewering properties outside of the world of video gaming again, this time taking aim at The Simpsons, King of the Hill, South Park, and even a little Futurama by recasting each series with Nintendo's famous characters.  This brings us fun imagery such as Hank Hill as Bowser, Milhouse van Houten as Lakitu, and Link as Philip J. Fry.  The whole thing ends with a nod to die-hard Kirby fans.  Not a bad chuckle to end your week, I think.  I especially like the extra layer of humor behind choosing Star Fox's Wolf O'Donnell to fill Dale Gribble's place considering that both characters are bounty hunters / mercenaries for hire (and that Bounty Hunter cap is right out of a King of the Hill episode).