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Fox McCloud Versus Biff Tannen (Also: Clark Griswold Meets Mario Kart)

Fox McCloud versus Biff TannenMashing together two productions that fit together much better than you'd expect has become one of the more well-known Internet forms of art, so why not take a moment on this lazy Monday to review two of the more recent creations that the online world has to offer?  First up, the classic 1955 skateboard chase scene from Back to the Future in which Marty McFly outruns Hill Valley bully Biff Tannen is combined with voice clips and music from Nintendo's Star Fox 64 to humorous effect while keeping the original context of the film intact.  Then, Chevy Chase as Clark W. Griswold, Jr. in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation gets a taste of Mario Kart in the famous scene in which he slides down a snowy hilltop with the aid of a new cereal varnish he's developed at the office.