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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Activision and Beenox are bringing Spider-Man back for another adventure, but why settle for one wall crawler when you can have four?  The upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions brings four Spider-Men to the party, each existing in a different visually distinct universe.  Activision is demoing three of the Sony PlayStation 3 / Microsoft Xbox 360 version's dimensions in their private E3 meeting room, and I had the opportunity to see it it all in action.  My thoughts on watching one of the developers play through carefully selected portions of the adventure is now available at Kombo.

Our eyes-only demo started with a brief tour of Spider-Man Noir's world. The Noir take on your friendly neighborhood hero involves lengthy stealth sections with an emphasis on direct combat only when fireworks or other light sources illuminate his hiding places. Norman Osborn holds court here in a dark carnival of the soul, and while the Noir world has a generally slower pace compared to its counterparts, it does offer a stylistically dark and brooding environment in which to play.

Since the Noir dimension had been seen by the press already, we were quickly whisked away to the Amazing dimension which is the more conventional and familiar version of Spider-Man that fans of the Tobey Maguire films may recognize. His red-and-blue costume and trademark wit are in full force against Kraven the Hunter. We were treated to a boss encounter that involved dodging flying pillar debris for a moment before being shifted into the future for the truly new material from the game to debut at E3.

I prefer classic Amazing Spider-Man, but the futuristic 2099 Spider-Man has a heavy Batman Beyond vibe that I find intriguing. 2099 has fantastic art design, and of all that I saw of Shattered Dimensions, it's the universe that I really want to explore just to look around and gawk at the neon lights.