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Bee Mario Spoiler Alert!  I've found plenty of unique ways to die in the Super Mario Bros. games over the years, but this latest discovery is a new standard even for me.  The end credits of Super Mario Galaxy 2 have something special going for them in that they're actually playable.  It's possible to control Mario as the developer names tick by, allowing everyone's favorite plumber to explore small environments based on levels from the game.  Go above and beyond to collect 120 Power Stars, however, and a Bee Mushroom power-up will appear in one of the playable scenes.  Using that gift of flight granted by the bees to leave the area causes an instant unprovoked mysterious death.  Yes, it's possible to die during the end credits of Super Mario Galaxy 2MAST3RLINKX brings the proof in this YouTube video.  Watch for the bizarre combination of "TOO BAD!" and "THE END" messages.

Between this and other loopholes/glitches such as Yoshi's infinite flutter jump and using that trick to fight Bowser with Yoshi, I'm starting to wonder just how many little things went unchecked towards the end of development.  You really have to go above and beyond to find some of these issues, and I'm having trouble deciding if they're fun exploits left in the game for the adventurous to discover or legitimate oversights that just weren't caught.  It's probably a little of each.