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What The BEEP Is That? #7 At Kombo

What The BEEP Is That?Do you think that you know fear?  That you know the terrifying screech that comes with meeting ultimate doom?  Prove it.  This week's "What The BEEP Is That?" over at Kombo is all about video game screams.  Can you recognize all eight sound clips with the aid of my carefully-written clues?

Whether it's falling from a great height, being ripped to shreds, or merely being shot by hoodlums, modern video game characters are expected to have a healthy set of lungs capable of belting out panicked shouts of anguish and pain. Can you identify all eight video game screams?

This week's prize is the new Sony PlayStation Portable title What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 2, so if you can identify some or all of the sound effects, follow the directions at the end of the article to enter for a chance to win.  Last week's answers are provided on page two in case you'd like to check your work, too.