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Ubisoft Eyeing EA's "Project Ten Dollar", Readies "Ten Dollar Solution"

UbisoftUbi see, Ubi do.  While Electronic Arts forges ahead with its "Project Ten Dollar" initiative to inspire/convince people who buy their products on the used market to spend an extra ten dollars on downloadable content that those who buy a new copy of the game get for free.  EA drew criticism last week when it announced that future EA Sports titles will use "Project Ten Dollar" to lock-out online multiplayer modes for used games, as you'll recall.  EA's actions aren't happening in an industry void.  Rival Ubisoft is reportedly paying very close attention to EA's program as it readies its own take on the idea, the ominous-sounding "Ten Dollar Solution".  Gamasutra has the details.

Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez said in a Tuesday earnings call following Ubisoft's fiscal year results, "Regarding ... monetizing used games or downloadable content … most of the games that we will release next year will have downloadable content available from the start." He added, "We are looking very carefully at what is being done by EA regarding what we call the '$10 solution,' and we will probably follow that line at sometime in the future."

Alright, Ubisoft, let's review.  Freely available add-on content such as maps, weapons, or playable characters for new games: good.  Locking out entire modes behind a pay-wall for used games: bad.  I know it's tempting to carve up games and serve each mode, level, and item up à la carte, but let's not go overboard with vouchers and incidental charges.