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This Time Dr. Robotnik Has Gone Too Far!

Super Mario Galaxy 2's Little Ray Of Sunshine

Mario Nintendo's new Super Mario Galaxy 2 is turning a lot of heads partly because of its nostalgic love for older Super Mario levels and music.  The game includes a return to environments from the original Galaxy, the beloved Super Mario 64 (hello, Throwback Galaxy!), and - if you play long enough and collect enough Power Stars - the bright Super Mario Sunshine.  While everyone's favorite plumber doesn't return to Isle Delfino, he does pay a visit to the Twisty Trials Galaxy in which the favored "FLUDDless obstacle course" flavor is recreated anew.  There are a few minor changes from the source material (a lack of poundable nails is notable, the music is a little different, there's a Power Star instead of a Shine waiting at the end, and of course the Cloud Suit and Star Bits weren't in Sunshine), but the inspiration is unmistakable. Have a look at this video in which I take a quick run through the level.